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We are one of Britain's oldest Number Plate Specialists and Historians.

Thank you for visiting our website. As an up-to-date business, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our company and our Cherished Registration Number & Book offers.

At this point we can provide you with information regarding our own stock see 'Current Stock' tab above, these Registration Numbers cannot be purchased cheaper from any other company. Numbers have been issued since December 1903 and some are now worth over £500,000 so they are a great investment if bought carefully.

If you do not find the number you require on our stock list, don't worry, we have access to some 45 million plates and are only too willing to search for your desired combination. Indeed, we have numerous customers on our wants list and we constantly endeavour to source that special plate for them. Just drop us an email message and we will search for your special plate until it comes on the market again..

We also produce books on 'autonumerology', the study of numbers, a word created by the late Dawn Woodall, wife of the late Noel Woodall, along with 'autonumerogist', to relate to an enthusiast for numbers.

Brian Heaton and Noel compiled the 'Car Numbers' series of books together, under the imprint 'Car Number Galaxy', from 1988 to 2006. Brian, Noel and his wife Dawn attended and arranged numerous Car Number Rallies from 1976 onwards. They always had a car full of books, along with some classic early editions, which were eagerly awaited by the participants. They also answered questions on transfers and vehicle history

When Noel decided to retire in 2006 he was pleased that Brian, his series editor for 18 years would continue to compile and publish 'Car Numbers.

Brian produced the 2008 'Car Numbers' and was pleased, that although in poor health, Noel managed to write the Foreword and pose for some classic pictures, seen nationally with his obituary. As some of the early editions of the series had become collector's items in themselves, Brian, with Noel's blessing, suggested producing a dual edition, including 'Who's Who' from 1966 in the new volume, 'Car Numbers, Then & Now'.

You can access the current volumes by clicking on the 'Publications' tab above. We also stock and can obtain orginal copies of Noel's books, if you contact us with your requirements.

Brian learnt a great deal from Noel, who started in numbers back in 1962 and was duly christened by the trade 'The Father of Autonumerology'. Indeed they bought and sold numbers together for over 30 years.

You can reach us on 0333 444 2468, mobile 07740 171717, by fax at 01704 544442 or you may wish to email:

Please let us know of your needs and questions and we will be more than happy to help you.

In brief, you should know the following about us: our company has extensive vehicle records from 1903 to date and provides outstanding service. Our speciality is in the 'Car Numbers' series of books the latest now including around 100,000 entries. Our regular customers particularly value this information and wish their own details/pictures to be included in each edition. You can be included in the next edition by emailing your details to:

When Brian last met with Noel in August 2013, just a month before he died, he told him of his work in revising their 1994 publication, 'Where's it from? When was it issued?' This will include every combination in the old series up to the 'Y' prefix of 2001. Noel was thrilled by this news, and thought it would be the last edition needed as under the new system anything can be issued each year. It is hard work for Brian who is currently only half way through, but for the sake of his dear friend and business connection of almost 40 years, he vows to finish the task. In the meantime a very small quantity of the 1994 edition is still available for purchase from us.

Our business is located in offices in North West England. We are Founder Members of the Institute of Registration Agents & Dealers (MIRAD) thus ensuring that you can have full confidence in any transaction you undertake with us.

COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE - Our firm is a Member of the Institute of Registration Agents and Dealers, and is governed by their strict rules and regulations. In the unlikely event that a problem cannot be resolved in-house, you can request arbitration, in writing, from The Secretary, MIRAD, P.O. Box 333, Southport, PR9 7GW

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